Marjorie Steenson

Marjorie Steenson is the Owner and Founder of Self-Regulation Mental Health & Wellness, a local not-for-profit. A former Private School Educator, she received years of training in Self-Regulation and Emotional Intelligence. For 15 years, Marjorie has worked extensively with students age 3 to adolescence and emerging adults, documenting the effect of self-regulation on the learning skills of each student, compiling data showing self-regulation as the key to which the barriers of learning are unlocked. She continues her love of teaching Children and Adolescents at her Catering and Cooking School, and emerging Adults as a College Professor. Marjorie has passionately worked with high school Mental Health and Wellness Groups to develop a one-of-a-kind, active learning Self-Regulation Program for all ages. 

S-R Mental Health and Wellness 905-431-2520